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H7N9 bird flu update: 24 confirmed cases, 7 deaths. And Zhong weighs in.

Today's count: There are now 24 confirmed cases of human H7N9, with seven deaths.  ALl the cases and all the deaths remain in and around Shanghai and its immediately adjacent provinces. 

Veteran flu blogger and noted author Crawford Killian has also posted a story regarding Zhong Nanshan. Zhong, if you have forgotten, became somewhat of a national hero in China m(and around the world, among medical experts) for his courageous stand against the status quo with SARS in 2003. He battled not just the virus, but inept local ChiCom government bureaucrats who stymied his initial attempts at transparency. I refer you to one of my 2008 blogs for background.

Zhong is arguing for a much larger surveillance effort than is currently underway.  His remarks echo those of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which I covered last week. 

From Crof's blog. 

Zhong Nanshan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, said, "Analysis shows that the H7N9 virus comes from fowl, including poultry, wild fowl migrating birds and pigeons. We should expand the range of screening as not so many people have direct contact with poultry." 

I wonder if Zhong means "not so many people (who contracted this virus) have direct contact with poultry."

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