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OK, let's take a shot at this blogging thing.

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 11:40AM by Registered CommenterScott McPherson in | CommentsPost a Comment

1366392-869409-thumbnail.jpgDespite my concerns that blogging is an essentially ego-driven process, I will take the plunge.

Why?  because I, too, have an opinion on a dazzling array of topics.  But I will never, ever render an opinion on anything I decide I am unqualified to discuss.

My opinions will cover several areas of speciality, including pandemic preparedness (yes, another "bird flu" blog, but this one is well-qualified!), popular culture, politics, information technology, and college football.

God help you all.


Two crashes!

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 06:10PM by Registered CommenterScott McPherson in | CommentsPost a Comment

Well, gang, I have crashed my Web page twice in the past hour.  Of course, both times I lost my entries, even though I was clicking "save."  Hmmm, possibly a bug in the software design.

Since this is a free introductory opportunity, I won't get too mad.  But this needs to be fixed prior to full rollout.

SquareSpace hosting

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This should be an interesting experiment.  It has not taken me long to configure the site, select the appropriate background, and begin the blogging process.  periodically, I will post as events warrant.  But for now, I can tell you this site is easy to set up and administer.

Heaven at 3,000 feet.....

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 01:34PM by Registered CommenterScott McPherson in | CommentsPost a Comment

A few Sundays ago, I had the rare opportunity to fly a P-51D Mustang.  This was a former one-seater, with the radio gear and extra fuel tank removed, a sliding pilot's seat added, and a second seat, rudder pedals, altimeter, airspeed indicator and throttle installed.  And, oh yeah, a second stick!

The old Confederate Air Force (now, regrettably, the politically-correct Commemorative Air Force, www.commemorativeairforce.com) goes around to air shows with the aircraft.  It is property of the Dixie Wing, http://dixiewing.org/aircraft/p51/index.htm and flights are $895 for 20 minutes.

Well, they SAY it is 20 minutes.  For me, because of traffic and a bad tower controller, we stayed in the air for 35 minutes.  And the best part came before we taxied down the tarmac, when the CAF attendant said, "You want the stick?"

"The stick?" I asked, barely able to contain my breath.  "Here ya go," and he handed me a piece of tubing with a bicycle grip at the top.  The ground crew strapped me into my 'chute, helped me fasten my straps, and off we went!  Stan, my pilot, gave me the stick over lake jackson, and I flew from there to Killearn Estates, circled Killearn twice, and then I flew to the mouth of the St. Marks River.  He took back the controls and we did some aerobatic maneuvers, then Stan allowed me to fly back toward the airport.  When we made visual with the runway, he took over for good.

It was truly the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on!  I distinctly recall holding the aircraft, waggling the wings "hello," and saying to myself, "I am flying a P-51 Mustang!"

God, what a rush!  And thanks be to God for allowing this wonderful experience to happen.P51%20pilot%20trainee.jpg