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2009 off to blazing start on "pandemic flu watch" front

I don't know about the rest of Flublogia, but I am already way behind on my posts regarding what has happened in the first few days of 2009. 

We've got the possibility of vaccine-resistant Clade 7 H5N1 in Beijing; a possible human cluster of one clade or another in Vietnam; the return of H5N1 in Egypt with an accompanying fatality; the return of human H5N1 in Cambodia; huge outbreaks in poultry in India, Bangladesh and the door-to-door hunt for human H5N1 in Assam, India; and I know I have left out a report or two.

Plus, the scientific papers are churning  again, the latest the Colorado confirmation that the Chinese have wiped off amantadine as a potential panflu remedy, thanks to their selfish use of the antiviral in an ill-advised and futile effort to save their chickens.

Couple this with the revelation that the Earth may actually be in a colling cycle due to the solar minimum and the almost complete lack of sunspot activity, which apparently means a drop in global temperatures, and you have conditions that are ripe for viral intensification.

I pledge to get more rest so I may keep tempo with my peers, right after tonight's BCS championship game!  GO GATORS!  GO TEBOW!


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